HCAM Fall Festival 2017

Race Date: 
Sunday, October 8, 2017 - 00:30
Race Types: 
Austin, TX
Contest Director: 
Bobby Yount

Get ready for the Fall HCAM race in Austin!  As usual, this will be a two pylon course with the pylons 400 ft apart.  Registration opens at 9am with racing starting at 10am.  Pleae be on time.

The race procedure used:

  • All planes must be minumum weight of 3.5 pounds, per the NMPRA rules.  The winning plane from each heat will be weighed right after flight.
  • Batteries must be charged no higher than 4.2 volts per cell, per the NMPRA rules.  Batteries may be weighed and voltage checked pre flight
  • 6 races with 4 plane heats and a staggered start
  • Each race is 10 laps only.  In the case of a cut, 10% is automatically added to the finish time.

Standard NMPRA rules are in effect with the only exceptions being:

  • The shaft on the RimFire motor may be turned around so the motor can support a collet.
  • Beginner class racers can get approval to fly without wheel pants.  This is at the CD's discretion.

Results are posted here