Rivets by Fast Freddy French

Thinking that this would be an interesting approach to show and inform EF1 enthusiast about the full scale versions of these aircraft. I'am by no means an expert on these various designs but Jerry Small has designed and built many of our EF1's based on the full scale F1's aircraft and deserves credit for his efforts. 
The picture you see shows the stock Proud Bird ARF (available from Tower Hobbies) with conventional tail and the 2 Rivets (T) tail versions long (stock PB wing) and a short wing version that I built. Of course my short wing version meets the 375 sq./in area as stated in the rules. Back to the full scale versions, There are actually 3, 1st the Rivets which had a (T) tail, 2nd the Thunder Chicken (T) tail and then the Proud Bird. All had basically the same fuselage design with variations of wing and tail groups. Jerry has built all three ef1 versions, so, I desided to build a short wing Rivets.
I haven,t had the chance to fly the short wing, but really like the way the long wing version flies.
I would be happy to assist anyone if interested in building any of these variation. It's fun to see different designs.
Here is the original racer:
Fast Freddy