HCAM Spring Classic - Updated

Race Date: 
Sunday, June 28, 2015 - 09:00
Race Types: 
Austin, TX
Contest Director: 
Mike Keef


This race was epic!  15 racers showed up prepared to throw down and the resulting races were certainly thrilling.  The report is that all went smoothly and that fun was abundent.

Race Placing:

  1. Jason Duda
  2. George Parks
  3. Jim Plake
  4. Gary Fisher
  5. Jason Oliver
  6. Steven Fabioake
  7. Dennis Cranfill
  8. Elliott Turner
  9. Jim Houk
  10. Brian Turner
  11. Steve Blackwell
  12. Jerry Small
  13. Brian McMurray
  14. Fred French
  15. Keith Moody

Fast Times:

  1. Jason Duda : 69.2932
  2. George Parks: 75.5206
  3. Jim Plake : 76.4990
  4. Elliott Turner: 79.4560
  5. Jason Oliver : 80.6536




*********** Note Updated Rain Date ****************



The Hill Country Aeromodelers are hosting their annual Spring E-F1 classic.  The course is a 400ft 2-pole over grass on a 3 acre flying site.  The runway is paved and all vehicle access is paved.

Race Rules:

Curent posted NMPRA rules as of 4/15/2014:

Additional Rules Addendums:

  • Changing worn out motor bearings is allowed.  
  • Reversing a motor shaft is allowed.  Specifically, in the case of a Rimfire motor, the shaft may be reversed to support a collet.
  • Replacing a motor shaft with a 3rd party shaft is allowed.  In the case of the Rimfire motor, it is allowed to replace the motor shaft with a non-stock shaft in order to safer support fitting a collet.  It is the opinon of the race officials that reversing or replacing a motor shaft does not impact stock motor performance.

Additional Procedures:

  • Planes will be pre-inspected by CD and/or Pit Boss.  For example, they will look at wing trailing edges, tail surfaces, wheels/pants, spinner, and other equipment per the NMPRA rules noted above.
  • Battery weight and voltage are checked in the on-deck box before every race
  • Winning plane is weighed to confirm minimum weight